Tuesday, April 12, 2011

About myself

My name is Francisco and I love pasta. Since I was a little boy, my favorite food has always been pasta. We would go every Sunday to a restaurant and I would order my favorite pasta at the time: taglierini al sugo.
 I grew into other pasta shapes over time: caneloni, lasagna, gnocchi, capelletti, rondelli. I used to visit one of my uncles who made his own pasta. I remember the old machine with a manual handle and the pasta drying until cooking time. Good memories.

A couple of years ago, while my wife was traveling, I decided to make my own pasta for the first time. It wasn't the greatest thing on Earth but it started the seed. I started making pasta every Sunday and I have been doing it ever since. On father's day of that year, I got the Kitchen Aid Pasta Roller and Fettuccine cutter for the Kitchen Aid mixer we own. This made the making process much easier and the results look awesome. Later, I got a new toy that is a pasta press that makes other shapes such as spaghetti, rigatoni and bucatini.

I will be posting my experiences making pasta, with different shapes and flavors.

Christmas Pasta: tomato and spinach fettuccine
Hope you enjoy the blog, the pasta ideas and recipes. Be sure to stop at my wife's blog as well: http://kitchenspace.blogspot.com

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