Monday, August 29, 2011


I am taking a break from the flavored pasta today (don't worry, there's more to come). The post today is about home made farfalle. It is a pasta shape that the whole family can participate and help and have fun.

Start with the basic recipe for the dough. Once the dough is ready, use the roller attachment to open it, but leave the thickness one setting thicker than you normally use for fettuccine (I used setting 4 for the farfalle). Make sure you sprinkle flour over the surface you will be working on, but not too much, or it will be harder for the farfalle to hold its shape.

Make sure you start the preparation with enough time as it can take about 1 hour to work through the dough, shaping the individual pieces.


You will need a crimped pastry cutter for the sides.
Crimped pastry cutter
After rolling the dough, use the crimped pastry cutter to cut the dough vertically for the side of the farfalle. Use a regular cutter or pizza cutter to cut horizontally and cut away any excess on the sides to leave all pieces of roughly the same size.

Dough after cutting
Start by separating one piece to work on.
One piece separated for shaping
Pinch the middle of the dough, in the center.
Pinching the center
Pinch again, this time joining the sides to the middle pinch.
Final pinch
One down, many to go:
Farfalle is ready
Place the shaped farfalle on a tray before cooking.
Tray ready to cook
Cook the pasta on boiling water and season it to taste.

Final result

White sauce

Salt, pepper and olive oil
Give it a try and have the whole family help.

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